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Making Wisdom Accessible 

What is my purpose? Searching for the answer to this question is what led me to realizing the greatest gifts that I can share with the world. And that is to make wisdom accessible and create safe spaces that enable self-exploration.

The formula I found for leaders to create their most meaningful impact on the world is to be connected to their purpose, learn how to be inclusive as to invite the allies and advocates they need to fulfill that purpose, and gain the resiliency needed to overcome any headwind and challenge that life sends their way.

With it, I have empowered thousands of leaders in organizations and communities worldwide. My wisdom has been featured in Asian, Black, Women, Family, and LGBTIA+ employee groups and the clients I have served includes Microsoft, Amazon, Bain & Company, Puget Sound PMI, and Infor.


All with one goal in mind, to enable others towards changing the world by making everlasting change.

Do the topics below inspire you to collaborate?

Manifesting Purpose through your Leader Within

Our Leader Within is us with the awareness of our values, acceptance to embrace every part of ourselves, and empowerment to set the boundaries we need to be at our best. 

This topic creates insights that inspires self-exploration by connecting our values and leader within to ideas around boundaries, burnout, purpose, and thrive energy. It provides a framework that will enable each of us towards elevating ourselves as unique leaders in the communities we’re a part of.

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Psychotherapy Session

Empowering Impact and Inclusion through Listening

When people want us to listen, they typically want to share, process, or problem solve. Powerful and inclusive listening requires us to be able to align ourselves as the listener to the speaker’s preferences. 

This topic provides insights that can be used to create greater impact in our professional and personal lives through listening. It focuses on enabling a listen first mindset that empowers us towards making people feel seen, recognized, and celebrated in the way that’s most meaningful to them.

Image by Radu Florin

Transforming how to Manage Stress for Greater Wellbeing

For many of us, the stress caused from the pandemic and life's challenges still lingers and has led to us and those around us feeling increasingly overwhelmed without clarity on how to manage it in an ever evolving workplace.

This topic provides a common framework and language around bury, release, and process that can be used to empower each of us towards higher performance, wellness and happiness in life. When put into practice, it will transform the way we manage stress in our everyday life and enable us towards letting go of stress that we have built up over time.

Mental Resilience with Positive INtelligence

Our world and technology is changing at such a rapid pace that it requires greater resiliency and adaptation to transform how we deal with life's challenges to create psychological safety for ourselves and others.

This topic shares insights on the Positive Intelligence framework which enables individuals and teams to achieve higher performance and wellbeing at work and beyond. It provides practical 10-second exercises that can be used to build mental resilience and improve our capacity to respond to challenges and conflicts with the type of positive mindset that brings out the best in all of us.

Image by Nik

Building Inclusion Into how we deliver Innovation

Innovating is important to the success of organizations and communities in this ever-evolving world. How we innovate and the language that is used during the process is key to creating the safe environment required for all voices and ideas to be represented.

This topic provides teams and communities with insights on how they can innovate together with inclusion through using the “Yes, and” framework. When put into practice, building a culture around “Yes, and” leads to empowering creativity, vulnerability, courage, and competence in teams.

Image by Clay Banks
"Dat's series has been an absolute game-changer for GLEAM LATAM. It has ignited a spark of empowerment and generated an incredible amount of excitement and insights among us. The series has empowered us to lift each other up and create a culture where everyone’s voice is valued.”

Vivi Flores - Microsoft, GLEAM Employee Group Chapter Lead

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