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Reflections on my Recent Keynote

Wow. Today felt like such a monumental day for me. A day that proved, without a doubt, that I am on the right track. That I have the ability to inspire and move a room of leaders. That people pay attention when I shine my light and share my wisdom with them. That how I show up resonates with people. And that my jokes can work well as it blends in as a part of my style .

It was so amazing being able to stand in front of the room and just show up. As if though this is where I am meant to be and can shine my light the brightest, so that those who are ready for it find it and can use it as an amplifier and multiplier as they ready themselves to shine their light with abundance.

It just feels so right that I should have no reason to believe that I am on anything but the right track, and that I’m following the the right North Star right here right now.

Never in my wildest dreams before would I have ever truly believed that this is the direction that life would take me.

That one day. I can be on stage, speaking authentically, genuinely, from the the bottom of my heart, knowing that I am making a heart to heart difference in so many peoples lives. And that they are there because they WANT to listen to me.

That is one heck of a statement and I am so damn proud to write it down.

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