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Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Are you ready to have more of the following?

To shift your life from away from surviving and into thriving

To move from feeling stuck to finding your purpose

To live more authentically and not be bound by your and other people's judge

To empower yourself with boundaries so you can flourish

To embark on a journey of life transformation with resiliency 


Investing in your future and dreams is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. 

The Process

We will start with a complimentary introduction and chemistry call and then set up the coaching commitment and duration based on the shared agreements based on your needs.

I will always work on seeing you in the way that you want to be seen, acknowledged, and celebrated. My desire for you is to live life with purpose and have the confidence, strength, and tools to make powerful changes in your life. I’ll support you throughout the journey with the right foundations, support and accountability so you get the transformation you’ve been longing for.


Through coaching, you will

  • Gain the mental resilience you need to pursue the life meant for you

  • Find you at your best within with self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-empowerment

  • Understand how to self-sabotaging yourself

  • Live with more authenticity in your own way 

  • Learn to be a better listener to yourself and others

  • Have the strength to set better boundaries and honor them

  • Have the confidence and clarity needed to create more abundance in your life

  • With purpose, have a clear action plan on how to continue the work we’ve started

Image by Ian Stauffer

"Feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope, I found help with Dat.

Under Dat's guidance, I learned to identify and navigate the sabotaging thoughts or 'saboteurs' that were holding me back. This shift empowered me to face challenges with stronger mental resilience and clarity, something that I thought it couldn’t even be possible to achieve given all my work for over five years with mindfulness. 


Thanks to Dat's coaching, I now maintaining an outstanding routine, Dat is my favorite person to integrate awareness into action so I become more and more who I am meant to be. This journey has truly been life-changing, and I am forever grateful for the invaluable tools and insights that have brought me closer to unlock my full potential."

Isadora Mendez - Microsoft, Business Program Manager

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